On August 6, 2013 the Barker Complex’s Green Team officially announced their existence to the world. In an email to all of the Barker staff, they explained that they were there to answer questions and would be sharing resources to help make life around the Barker Center a little greener. 

The group of administrators connected through the FAS Green Program’s Recycling Competition back in January. The competition pitted all of the departments in the Barker Complex (which consists of the Barker Center, Dana Palmer, and Warren House) to see who were the best recyclers. The conversations that arose from the competition made these staff realize that there was a common interest to work on green issues in the building, and following a model seen at other departments and buildings at Harvard, they got together to begin tacking these issues.

Though barely past inception, the team is already fielding questions from their coworkers, such as how to incorporate composting into their events, and what recommendations they have for green office supplies.  The team is very aware, however, of how busy they all are with their day to day work, even without taking on the extra task of greening their community.  To counter this, they are very conscious about delegating tasks, and finding ways to share ideas without obstructing the flow of their workday or spending time in meetings. Still, they maintain lofty goals for their buildings and foresee their efforts making big impacts.

If you’re interested in joining the Barker Green Team, contact any of their members: Arthur Patton-Hock (American Civilizations), Kate Bowen (Committee on the Study of Religion), Stephanie Macaris Alusow (Special Concentrations), Cassandra Fradera (African and African American Studies), Isaure Mignotte (Comparative Literature), or Jay McNeil (Building Manager). Explore Harvard's Green Teams if you’d like to see if your building has a Green Team, or are interested in starting one.