She’s majestic. She’s elusive. She’s three feet tall and spray painted green. Yes, the Green Cup is all of these, and after a hard fought year, she’s found a new home. Each year, the Green Cup is awarded to the house which shows the greatest reduction in their environmental impact-through increased recycling rates, decreased electricity consumption, or through projects taken on by individuals in the house.

Throughout the 2008-2009 school year, it was a neck and neck battle for first place between Adams and Lowell. Lowell would show a 9% reduction in heating and Adams House would retaliate with a 16% increase in recycling. Adams would institute composting in its entryways, and Lowell would put together sustainability kits for its study breaks. The Masters of both houses even got involved. While Adams’ House Master Sean Palfrey spent an ice cream study break recruiting students to sign the sustainability pledge, Diana Eck held a screening and discussion of the environmental documentary “Renewal” in Lowell.

Though Lowell House swept the Green HoCo (House Committee) portion of the competition for the second year in a row, in the end, the highly coveted Green Cup ended up in the arms of Adams House, whose 17 eco projects brought home the gold. The Green Cup is currently on display in the Adams House servery, greeting students every time they go for their reusable mugs.