The Sustainability Management Council (SMC) was established in 2010, building on the successful cross-School work of the GHG Reduction Goal Working Groups. The SMC is comprised of key Senior University staff including facilities and operational leaders from across campus.


The SMC's mission is to facilitate best practice sharing amongst facilities and operations leaders across Harvard Schools and units to enable the cost-effective achievement of the University’s sustainability and energy management goals.

The group is managed by John Ullman with the Office for Sustainability and meets every two months to facilitate University-wide discussion around best practices for the cost-effective achievement of sustainability and energy reduction goals and to ensure University-wide alignment and policy development for increased efficiencies and progress. SMC expertise shapes the proposed GHG reduction policies and principles prior to Executive Committee review. Subject-specific SMC sub-committees are convened to develop proposals for key GHG and energy conservation topics.


The SMC is led by nine Sustainability Management Steering Group (SM Steering Group) members.  

Facilities Management Officers

  • John Arciprete, HLS
  • Peter Atkinson, HAM
  • Kevin Cahill, GSD
  • Jason Carlson, GSE*
  • Ralph DeFlorio, HDS
  • Lester Gerry, RAD
  • Zak Gingo, FAS
  • Arthi Kasetty, HKS
  • Bob Leandro, HUDS
  • Alex Machaiek, Harvard Chan School of Public Health
  • Steve Maiorisi, HMS*
  • Jason Munro, FAS*
  • Andy O’Brien, HBS*
  • Pam Redfern, SEAS
  • Doug Scatterday, HBS
  • Peter Stroup, HMS

Strategic Procurement

  • Lauren Aiello

Campus Services

  • Sean Caron, HRE  
  • Doug Garron, E&F*
  • Heather Henriksen, OFS*
  • Kris Locke, OFS
  • Bob Manning, E&F
  • John Nolan, Transportation
  • Jaclyn Olsen, OFS
  • Suzanne Robinson, GBS
  • Justin Stratman, HUH*
  • Bill VanSchalkwyk, EH&S
  • Meredith Weenick, CS-VP*

Information Technology

  • Sarah Craig, HUIT

planning and project management

  • Garry Cuneo

  • Joe O’Farrell*


* SM Steering Group


Current Committees

  • Green IT: Defining University-wide green IT goals.

Completed Committees

  • GHG Information Management System Selection: Oversaw RFP and selection process for Harvard's GHG Inventory Management provider.
  • Green Revolving Fund Policy and Governance Review: Updated policy and governance structure to make funds easier to access for energy conservation measures and innovative sustainability projects.
  • Sub-Metering/Measurement and Verification: Identified training and building commissioning as areas for the Harvard community to focus on.
  • Green Building Standards Implementation: Developed formal implementation process for the Green Building Standards, as well as a plan for ongoing assessment and updated to the Standards.
  • NSTAR MOU: Confirmed details of NSTAR MOU Energy Efficiency Partnership.
  • Siemens Master Service Agreement Review: Reviewed final draft of Siemens MSA and provided feedback to structure the MSA