Green Team members from Harvard Graduate School of Education offer their advice for a sustainable holiday, without spooking Mother Nature!

Every year, 40% of the food produced in the United States goes uneaten, leading to 160 billion pounds of wasted food in our landfills.

Cafe Gato Rojo

Cafe Gato Rojo takes sustainability seriously.

e-waste poster

Download this poster as a helpful reminder to minimize e-waste.

Harvard Law School's Green Living Representatives and Elizabeth Marble, HLS Sustainability Manager, worked to partner with their dining vendor to promote reusable dishware use in their cafeterias. Here are some steps you can...

In November 2017, the Harvard Planning Office Green Team hosted their inaugural used book drive. It was a "sustainable and smashing success," according to Diane Gray, Senior Campus Planner and Green Team Leader, with the group doubling their original goal by collecting 201 books and 15 maps...