Got Water?

Carry your own reusable bottle around campus. Water filling stations are located in all buildings and dorms.

The Harvard Office for Sustainability visits Katrina Rudnicki at the Harvard Medical School's ICCB-L Screening Facility to find out about what steps she and her team take to make their lab more sustainable. These simple actions save money, reduce energy use, and make the lab more efficient for...

Authored by HBS Student Sustainability Associates Tirzah VanDamme, Diana Caceres, Niko Stahl, Ahmed Alimi

Yael Gilboa, Student Sustainability Associate, MBA '17

Raising awareness about compost? Host a trivia night by following these steps from the HBS Student Sustainability Associates.

At Harvard, as part of our organic landscaping and maintenance program, staff are creating compost tea.

Compost TeasĀ are a specific liquid biological...