Here are some tips on making your holiday season more sustainable from Harvard University Housing. 

A 2012 study by Harvard postdoctoral researcher Julia Puaschunder that observed student behavior surrounding energy conservation in Harvard Libraries found that environmentally-conscious actions can be "nudged" by social forces. In her study, Puaschunder placed tent card signage in Harvard Law...

Student Green Tour of HLS Wasserstein Hall, Caspersen Student Center, Clinical Wing Building

Join the HLS Green Living Representatives to learn about WCC's energy-efficient design and green construction principles and how it's creating healthier, more comfortable spaces.

LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: December, 2010

The Vecitis Lab is located at 58 Oxford Street is occupied and operated by the School of Engineering of Applied Science (SEAS), in a four-story glass, steel and concrete structure that...

The Harvard Office for Sustainability visits Glenn Beeman at the Harvard Medical School's DNA Resource Core group to find out about what steps he and his team take to make their lab more sustainable. These simple actions save money, reduce energy use, and make the lab more efficient for...

An energy conservation measure case study from Harvard Medical School