The FAS Green Program and the CCB Building Manager tracked four of the largest labs' light usage to build awareness and improve behaviors.

Our former Green Labs coordinator, Jamie Bemis, gives us 6 simple steps for launching a green labs program

The Harvard Office for Sustainability visits Glenn Beeman at the Harvard Medical School's DNA Resource Core group to find out about what steps he and his team take to make their lab more sustainable. These simple actions save money, reduce energy use, and make the lab more efficient for...

The Harvard University Faculty of Arts & Sciences conducted a study comparing the efficacy of energy savings between intelligent View Dynamic Glass and standard glazed windows. 

Study highlights:

  • View Dynamic Glass reduced window surface temperature by 15-20
  • ...
Living Lab: Greener, More Efficient Lab Buildings

n this video we explore how we're partnering with lab managers and researchers to operate healthier, more energy efficient laboratories.

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