A typical life science laboratory uses more than three times as much electricity per square foot as an office building.  Much of the energy use responsible for a lab’s large environmental footprint comes from plug-load equipment including freezers, incubators,...

Hoffman Lab

The Hoffman Laboratory was not originally designed with energy efficiency in mind.

Harvard has certified green cleaning in 10 million gross square feet on campus.

Freezer defrosting kits available for FAS labs.

Make wise freezer purchasing decisions
  1. Avoid purchasing a new freezer if possible. Can you clean out space in your existing unit to accommodate new samples, or share freezer space with a neighboring lab? This is a great way to save your lab money, and minimize your environmental impact.
  2. If you need to buy a new
  3. ...

This guide is intended for members of the Harvard research community interested in learning how they can take steps to reduce energy consumption and waste in the laboratory environment. The guide is composed of best practices from across Harvard’s campus, and includes...