Submetering laboratories and other campus spaces provides data to design and measure the effectiveness of behavior change programs that save energy and
reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Occupant engagement can contribute to energy reduction goals and...

Harvard has certified green cleaning in 10 million gross square feet on campus.

Minimizing e-waste helps to conserve resources and reduces the amount of energy we take from the earth.

The Harvard Office for Sustainability visits Katrina Rudnicki at the Harvard Medical School's ICCB-L Screening Facility to find out about what steps she and her team take to make their lab more sustainable. These simple actions save money, reduce energy use, and make the lab more efficient for...

Host an annual freezer cleanout

Did you know that -80 freezers are the most energy intensive type of “plug load” equipment in a laboratory environment?

A freezer cleanout is a great way to mitigate this consumption—while saving you time and effort in the future! Organizing your...

Living Lab: Innovative Green Building Solutions

In this video we explore how facilities teams throughout Harvard are adopting practices to build and operate efficient buildings.