Bike to work? Take these easy steps to ride safe, protect your bike, and take advantage of all Harvard has to offer bicyclists!

Reduce your energy consumption

Take these steps to help reduce your energy consumption.

Where is the outrage

Download this poster to remind office mates to unplug electronics and appliances not in use.  

LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: September, 2008

The 2-South Suite and Main Entry project is a 1655 square foot renovation that includes five office spaces, a conference room, a storefront, and a restroom on the second floor of...

Help slay energy vampires

The Harvard Law School Green Living Program created this fun poster to slay energy vampires on campus. 

LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: December, 2008

The Moorcroft offices are located on the 4th floor of the Harvard Museum Building at 26 Oxford street in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The building is a five-story structure originally...