LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: December, 2010

The Wyss Institute located is occupied and operated by the School of Engineering of Applied Science (SEAS) in a four-story glass, steel and concrete structure that provides research and...

The Harvard Office for Sustainability visits Glenn Beeman at the Harvard Medical School's DNA Resource Core group to find out about what steps he and his team take to make their lab more sustainable. These simple actions save money, reduce energy use, and make the lab more efficient for...

LEED Rating System: LEED-CI


Date Completed: August, 2011

The Meselson Laboratory was one of many renovations that occurred in the Harvard Biolabs Building in the last few years. Approximately 2,100 square feet of laboratory and office space was...

Ongoing project has resulted in $3.15 million savings since 2009

LEED Rating System: LEED-CI

LEED Rating: Platinum

Date Completed: November, 2012

The Center for Life Sciences Wyss Institute LEED-CI project is comprised of 23,115 square feet of space located on the second floor of the Center For Life Sciences Building (a LEED Gold...

LEED Rating System: LEED-Cl

LEED Rating: Gold

Date Completed: June 2017

The FAS Girguis Laboratory Renovation project scope includes renovations within the 3rd floor of the Bio Labs Building and includes select demolition and...