Talking trees with Hope Jahren

Join Hope Jahren, PhD, Center for Earth Evolution and Dynamics, University of Oslo for her talk on "Be as a Tree Planted by the Waters: The Magic of Roots, Leaves, and Everything in Between" at the Arnold Arboretum.

In her bestselling book, Lab Girl, award-winning scientist Hope Jahren presents a revelatory treatise of plant life that joyfully celebrates the lifelong curiosity, humility, and passion driving every scientist. Hope visits the Arboretum this month for a talk on trees and their more than 400-million-year run as Earth's largest and most successful creations. Learn about some of the remarkable ways that trees and other plants grow and defend themselves, and the critical role they play in terrestrial life.

Arboretum members admitted free and enjoy priority registration through October 15.

$20 nonmember registration fee. Space is limited.

Register at or call 617-384-5277.