SHINE Summit 2017: Creating a Positive Future

Join visionary scientists, thought leaders and innovators who are pioneering the frontiers of sustainable business.

The SHINE Summit is the leading forum for visionary thinking, innovative research and practical solutions that advance corporate sustainability and well-being.  This June, senior executives from across all industries will join influential scientists, thinkers and innovators on campus in Cambridge to explore world-changing ideas for building a healthier future for people and planet.  A uniquely intimate gathering, the Summit fosters opportunities for transformative thinking, authentic connection and creative collaboration among those committed to creating a positive future today. 

This year’s theme - Creating a Positive Future - is an inspired call-to-action for corporate leaders seeking proven strategies to create a healthier and more sustainable world.  We’ve translated the latest SHINE research into powerful tools and methods that can guide and advance your organization's corporate responsibility, sustainability and well-being practices.  Together we’ll explore new opportunities for companies to thrive by improving well-being and sustainability within the workplace, in the community, across supply chains and globally.

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