Radcliffe Institute Analyzing Earth’s “Fine Prints”: High-Resolution Geological Records Inform Near Future Climate Change

On Wednesday, February 22 at 12 pm ET, Harvard Radcliffe Institute wil host a presentation from 2022–2023 William and Flora Hewlett Foundation Fellow Hong Yang

Yang is recognized for his interdisciplinary work in paleoclimate research. He will use an integrated biogeochemical, paleobiological, and modeling approach to analyze decadal-scale atmospheric CO2, temperature, and other biological and ecological records within a millennium during the middle Miocene global warming period, some 15 million years ago, to contextualize high-resolution paleoclimate data in modeling the forcing and rate of near future global climate change and its impact. As a scientist and an educator, in this lecture, he will address how scientific data and climate change education can play critical roles in mitigation and adaption of the unprecedented climate crisis.

Free and open to the public.

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