Memorial Church William Belden Noble Lecture Series: Dekila Chungyalpa

On Wednesday, March 22 from 5 to 6 pm, join the Memorial Church of Harvard University for a presentation by Dekila Chungyalpa, Director of the Loka Initiative at the University of Wisconsin - Madison. She is a religion and ecology expert, having worked with faith and Indigenous leaders around the world on developing faith-led environmental and climate projects for 15 years.

Chungyalpa is an environmental innovator, having established three different faith and ecology initiatives, at the World Wildlife Fund, at Yale School of Environment, and now at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. She considers herself a bridge builder, weaving partnerships between religion and science, Evangelical church leaders and climate scientists, and academics and activists, all towards integrating inner, community, and planetary resilience.

The lecture is the third of four-part series this academic year. The lectures will take a plunge into the moral and ethical questions surrounding the global climate crisis and the role of religious institutions, organization and members of the general public, outside the scientific community focused on saving the planet. 

The lecture is co-sponsored by Harvard Divinity School's Buddhist Ministry Initiative and will take place at Harvard Divinity School, Swartz Hall, Sperry Room.

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