iV: The Ivy League Vegan Conference

Hosted by the Harvard Vegan Society

Tickets: Free for Harvard students, faculty, and staff; $20 for other students with valid ID; $50 for Boston community. 

iV: The Ivy League Vegan Conference is an annual professional conference on plant-based diets and bioethics featuring renowned leaders from across the disciplines. Our presenters and invited guests represent a variety of fields including medicine, climatology, policy, industry, finance, and consulting. The iV sessions emphasize innovation, self-critique, and re-examination of veganism as an elegant solution to a host of pressing issues in an increasingly global community.

Attendees can expect an atmosphere of productivity and dialogue as we examine scholarship and industry through a critical lens and endeavor to forge new, ambitious techniques to improve the world around us. With a focus on common goals and a commitment to powerful solutions, we seek to strengthen a professional network to directly and indirectly wield influence in academia, industry, and beyond to shift the paradigm for addressing global issues.

For more information and to register, please visit http://www.iv-conference.com