HKS Innovation, Investment and Policy in Regenerative Agriculture

On Friday, May 20 at 1-3pm ET, join the Technology and Public Purpose Project and the Environment and Natural Resources Program as they host a virtual conference on Innovation, Investment and Policy in Regenerative Agriculture

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Ashlie Burkart, Chief Scientific Officer at Germin8 Ventures and Non-Resident Fellow, Technology and Public Purpose Project, will lead sessions with practitioners, private, civil and policy to discuss goals, policies and opportunities for more rapid adoption of soil health/carbon farming (“regenerative agriculture”) practices. Belfer Center Director, 25th U.S. Secretary of Defense, and TAPP Faculty Director Ash Carter will provide pre-recorded opening remarks. Visit the event website for more information.

Conference Agenda

1:00PM: Welcome and Introductions

1:10PM: Why Adopt Regenerative Agriculture

1:20PM: Adoption of Soil Health and Carbon Farming

2:05PM: Break

2:10PM: Policy and Investment in Regenerative Agriculture

3:00PM: Closing & Thanks