Harvard Extension School ALM Sustainability Thesis Symposium

Open to the Harvard community. Student presentations will be followed by a reception in the Maxwell-Dworkin lobby where light refreshments will be served.

To help get an accurate headcount for attendance, please RSVP here: http://tinyurl.com/ENVR-200-symposium-RSVP

For those of you who are unable to join on campus, the presentations will be livestreamed via Zoom. You can join the live stream at 2:00 p.m. on 5/24 by following this link: https://matterhorn.dce.harvard.edu/engage/ui/index.html#/1999/01/82007

This year's sustainability thesis research includes presentations from:

  • Meredith Amend: "Applying Ecological Gap Analysis as a Tool for Restoration Planning"
  • Ryan Cornell: "The Environmental Benefits of Electric Vehicles as a Function of Renewable Energy"
  • Elizabeth Nolan: "Vacant Land Conversion in Detroit, Michigan: A Spatial Analysis of Neighborhood Stabilization and Communal Access"
  • Ashley Poupart: "Life Cycle Environmental Impact Assessment of Local Wine Production and Consumption in Texas: Using LCA to Inspire Environmental Improvements"
  • Phillip Sexton: "Sustainability Analysis of the Commercial Winter Management Industry's Use of Salt"
  • Jay Squalli: "A Longitudinal U.S. State-Level Analysis of Organic Food Production and Greenhouse Gas Emissions"
  • Helen Silver: "Relating Soil Organic Carbon Increases to Available Water Storage and Drought Vulnerability in South-central Idaho"
  • Hala Srouji: "The Impact of Residential Water Price Increases and Subsidy Reductions on Elasticity of Demand in Abu Dhabi City"
  • Cathryn Buonocore: "Comparative Life Cycle Impact Assessment of Digital and Physical Distribution of Video Games in the United States"
  • Julia D'Costa: "A Watershed Moment: Development of a Multimetric Stream Index of Biotic Integrity to Assess the Ecological Integrity of the Credit River in Ontario, Canada"
  • Fraser Work: "Opportunities for Improved Warship Energy Efficiency: A Canadian Patrol Frigate's Operational Energy Use Patterns"
  • Mark Valen: "Economic Opportunities for Biomass Harvest of Invasive Giant Reed (Arundo donax L.) in Southern California as Feedstock for the Pulp and Paper Industry"

On behalf of the Sustainability program, congratulations to these students and all of the 2016-2017 graduates.