Harvard Environmental Action and Leadership Summit (HEALS)

Created by Anushka Bhaskar ’22 (second from right), HEALS is a leadership incubator designed to inspire a deep cultural shift centered on environmental action. The conference seeks to equip student leaders with the critical understanding that each and every person, no matter their academics, personal background, career goals or interests, has a place in the movement to save our world from unprecedented environmental crises of mass scale.

HEALS is the catalyzing event for the Harvard Environmental Action and Leadership Program, which aims to connect students to ways that environmental action is relevant to their areas of interest, to network existing environmental groups and related multidisciplinary university-wide academic initiatives, and to empower each individual with the understanding that their actions result in systemic change and add up to create a culture of environmental literacy and a system of action.

HEALS is a catalysis moment to set strategy and organize a collective culture focused on healing broken systems for a better world.

Speakers include Kelly Vlahakis-Hanks (CEO Earth Friendly Products), Sal DiDomenico (MA State Senator), and Alex Miller (Harvard's Associate Dean for Student Engagement). 

Invitation only.

Contact: Anushka Bhaskar (Harvard College student)