GSAS Embodying the Rainforest: Art & Resistance

On Saturday, April 23 at 11am, join the Graduate School of Arts and Sciences Student Center and the Food Literacy Project for Embody the rainforest: Art and Resistance, a workshop with the Brazilian artist and curator Anita Ekman.

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They will explore storytelling and healing through resistance and art. No prior art experience is necessary! Nourishing smoothie bowls will be provided for brunch.

Guest speaker Anita Ekman is a visual and performance artist, illustrator and investigator of Amerindian and Afro-Brazilian arts. The artist considers the hands painted and stamped with ochre in stones and caves around the world as a symbolic milestone of the arising of performance, body painting and the act of stamping. However, during the last hundred years with the colonization process, clay stamps disappeared completely from the indigenous communities of the Americas along with many other elements of their cultures. This workshop invites the participants to imprint a stain of life onto the existing connections between different times, cultures and spaces.