GRCx Next Generation Climate Action Plans

Join the Boston Green Ribbon Commission on Tuesday, November 30 at 8:30 am ET for GRCx, "Next Generation Climate Action Plans."

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Planning for a climate-impacted future is imperative for all organizations, and it is a daunting challenge. In Boston, we benefit from the decades-long planning and implementation work of three national climate leaders in the field of higher education: Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University. Now with a track record of results to build on, the key staff involved in the design and leadership of the climate action process at each school will join together to share their experience and discuss ways it may help others and other sectors across the Boston region.  

Large universities can be said to function as mini-cities of their own -- with responsibilities ranging from master planning to energy procurement to waste management to safety and everything in between. With custom-designed approaches that suit their institution, Boston University, MIT, and Harvard have all applied climate criteria to a sweeping set of strategic and operational actions that are reshaping the institution internally and affecting its relationship with the world beyond their campus.

This GRCx aims to connect the work of the higher ed leaders to the goals and challenges of other schools and sectors across Boston. It will provide an overview of the current status of climate action planning and implementation at Boston University, MIT, and Harvard University, particularly in light of recent city and state policies that set new limits on carbon emissions. Panelists will discuss practicalities such as budget procurement, management of multiple stakeholders, and how to galvanize leadership, as well as how both they and their institutions have grown in their ambition and achievements over time.  

The program will begin with brief presentations plus responses to presubmitted Q&A; then move to a panel discussion; and finish with additional real-time Q&A from the audience. We encourage you to submit questions ahead of the program here.


  • Dennis Carlberg, 

    Associate Vice President for Sustainability, 

    Boston University

  • Julie Newman, 

    Director of Sustainability, 

    Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Heather Henriksen, 

    Chief Sustainability Officer, 

    Harvard University

About GRCx:
GRCx is an interactive program series from the Boston Green Ribbon Commission designed to accelerate the implementation of the City's Climate Action Plan by providing high-quality, useful content on climate resilience and carbon mitigation to the Boston community