WHAT:           Friday FreeCycle

WHEN:           Friday, 5-18-18 from 11 AM – 2 PM

WHERE:         Main lobby area, 124 Mt Auburn Street

Thanks to the generosity of Boston Properties, we will be able to hold the event in their beautiful and spacious lobby.  At the end of the event, we will pick up and donate leftovers, if any, to local charities, other FreeCycles, and our weekly Thursday Surplus Distribution events in Allston.

Bring all surplus goods from your home, office and garage.  We will accept anything you no longer need, but which you think may be useful to someone else.  Come to shop and bring your reusable bag!  We look forward to seeing you there.  We also need volunteers to receive and display donations, help people find bags or boxes for transporting materials, and cleaning up. If you are interested in helping, please let me know. In the past, especially popular items include:

  • Books of all kinds.
  • Office supplies: folders, binders, paper racks, in-boxes, toner cartridges, paper, stationery, tape, staples, staplers, scissors and more
  • Clothing and shoes of all kinds: in-season, out-of-season, all sizes, for all ages
  • Tools and hardware of all kinds: powered, hand tools
  • Toys, games, athletic equipment, puzzles
  • Furniture: swivel chairs, tables, file cabinets, display cases, end tables, coat racks
  • House plants large and small, flower vases, artificial flowers and plants
  • Decorative items: posters, sculptures, wall hangings, seasonal décor
  • Kitchen ware: glasses, crockery, silverware, pots & pans; micro-waves, refrigerators, toasters
  • Electronics: computers, printers, adding machines, fax machines, projectors, audio equiopment.  NOTE: we can also take broken electronics and e-media (all tapes, all discs), batteries, compact fluorescent light bulbs etc away from this event. Please bring all devices with data storage (CPU’s, phones, laptops, tablets, USB drives), to your local IT office to protect confidential data and for financial security.
  • Desktop appliances: lamps, pencil sharpeners, coffee machines, electric kettles
  • Linens & towels, blankets, bedspreads, pillows
  • Unclaimed lost & found items: hats, gloves, reading glasses, coats, scarves
  • Shopping bags for donation to needy residents to help comply with Cambridge’s Bring Your Own Bag ordinance
  • Homeless shelter items: canned food, feminine hygiene products, toiletries, and cosmetics

In November, another FreeCycle at 124 Mt Auburn will run Friday, November 16, 2018 from 11 AM – 2 PM.