FEEDING 10 BILLION BY 2050: Creating a Sustainable and Healthy Food Future

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What does a sustainable and healthy future mean when it comes to food production, consumption and resulting environmental impacts? With nearly a billion people globally going hungry and nearly two billion eating the wrong food, the answer is pressing – especially as we look to a future that needs to sustainably feed  “10 billion by 2050.” This Forum will explore how to avert dire consequences for human and planetary health through best practices and new technologies. Key questions will be how to amplify nutritious food production, prevent waste and secure supplies, while protecting our environment in the process. The discussion will include the "planetary health diet" recently proposed by an international commission that emphasizes plant-based eating for better health and for minimal ecological impact.


David Bennell
Manager, Food, Land and Water/Member Relations, World Business Council for Sustainable Development US Inc

Gina McCarthy
Professor of the Practice of Public Health in the Department of Environmental Health, Harvard Chan School, and 13th Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency

Walter Willett
Professor of Epidemiology and Nutrition, Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Ana Sortun
Chef and Owner, Oleana, and James Beard Award Winner


David Freeman
Editorial Director, NBC News MACH


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