Creative Climate Commitment with Susan Israel

Let’s build a commitment. Can the tools for change be as simple as wire, hammers, and glue? Come find out. What does your creative self envision for our climate? Responding to the changing climate is, of course, not simple, but it does begin with you. Embrace the dual aesthetic of Art and Science, bring your own hopes for resolving the climate crisis to this workshop with Climate Creatives founder Susan Israel. Under the well-honed direction of Israel, you will design with a “village,” build the possible, take away the talisman of your commitment.

Fee for Harvard faculty and staff: $20; Harvard University students: Free

Susan Israel is an architect, artist, climate communicator, and social entrepreneur. In 2008, after 20 years as an architect, she decided that she wanted to do something more for our climate. What would motivate other people to do more as well? Something fun and visible. What was preventing people from acting? Fear, and lack of belief that their actions matter. Susan founded Climate Creatives to use art and design to engage people because data alone doesn’t do it: behavioral change begins with an emotional commitment. At Climate Creatives, Susan develops proprietary programs and hands-on creative workshops for sustainability, innovation, communication and leadership. Susan’s Public Art installations connect communities and foster action toward a more sustainable world. Susan uses her own artwork as a personal lab for exploring ways to connect people to climate issues. Her work has been exhibited in over a dozen group shows in recent years and she has partnered with over 100 organizations.

Register at or call 617-384-5277.