Yashi Dadhich

Continuing Education (DCE)

Yashi is a Master’s degree candidate in Sustainability Program at Harvard University Extension School. She is a member of Harvard Extension Environmental Club and Harvard Graduate Consulting Club. Sustainability is more than a passion for Yashi; it is something that defines her as a person. She aspires to stimulate a wave in sustainable development by creative and innovative technologies, fostering environmental and human health. Yashi’s passion for food waste exudes best in her words; “Every time I fly home to Mumbai, I am devastated to see children on streets begging for food, while thousands of restaurants add thousands of pounds of food waste each day. This is not just a case in Mumbai; it is in our global landscape. Food is a basic need for human beings; unfortunately it is wasted at astronomical amounts and impacts human and environmental health.” Yashi believes that spreading awareness via educating all stakeholders is the key to our sustainable future.