Sheetal Asher

Trilogy at Harvard
Dental (HSDM)

I am a final year dental student at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. I am originally from Mombasa, Kenya and also lived in the United Kingdom for 10 years before starting school in Boston. I am very passionate about working towards improving the access of quality dental care locally and internationally. In my free time, I like to read, exercise, and travel.

My Vision for a Sustainable Future:
“The future depends on what you do today.” –Mahatma Gandhi
I believe that sustainability in the future will be a way of everyday life. We want to create an environment where human and natural systems are balanced. To achieve this, I want to spread awareness within the community I live in and work towards the common vision of sustainability of our environment

Favorite Green Tip:
Think before you print! Use virtual file cabinets and folders. Instead of printing out documents for future use, save them on a flash drive and these documents will be available whenever you need them!