Matt Durst

Section C, MBA 2017
Business (HBS)

I graduated with a Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Delaware. Prior to starting at HBS, I worked for United Technologies Corporation in an array of operations-focused roles ranging in areas from Supply Chain to Continuous Improvement. I spent the part of the summer before RC year hiking a segment of the Appalachian Trail in Tennessee and rock climbing throughout Colorado.

My Vision for a Sustainable Future:

A continued constant integration of green-technology into people’s daily lives will yield less pollution and waste year-after-year. Unfortunately, the changes people make themselves are not enough to counteract the deleterious effects industry can have on the environment. By holding ourselves and our peers at HBS accountable for their actions today, we can ensure that conservation and environmental responsibility are second nature for the next generations of leaders.

Favorite Green Tip:

Insulation of the body is much more energy efficient than insulation of the space in which this body finds itself. Insulating the body only requires a small layer of air to be heated, while a heating system has to warm all the air in a room to achieve the same result. So listen to your mother’s advice; put on a sweater and move away from the thermostat!