Jon Hamilton


I am an undergraduate of Harvard College in the class of 2020. Currently, I am thinking of pursuing an integrative biology concentration with a secondary in environmental science and public policy. Hoping to make a change in environmental science in some way, I am part of the Harvard College Conservation Society, the Environmental Action Committee, and of course, the Council of Student Sustainability Leaders. All in all, I am extremely excited to start working on projects that have implications in real world environmental problems. Ever since National Geographic published a year's worth of magazines with a focus on the topic of food, I have found myself thinking about this subject. In relation to increasing environmental crises related to climate change, I have gone vegetarian and hope to go vegan soon. As such, I have thought about the impact of food more and more and hope to establish some sort of change to shift our culture from primarily meat-based, to a healthier and more sustainable form of protein (plant-based, crickets, etc.).