Inga Sergienko

Riverside Community
Business (HBS)

Hailing from the Sunshine State, Inga grew up in the Tampa Bay area and attended the University of South Florida, majoring in Chemistry.  Moving to Boston after graduation, she currently is assisting three professors at Harvard Business School while simultaneously pursuing a Masters in General Management. She is excited to join the SCL program to interact with and support the Harvard Community. Originally from Latvia, she is especially excited to meet and connect with the international student population.

A lover of all-things New England, this Boston transplant is especially fond of photography, lobster rolls, hiking, the Red Sox and Patriots.

Vision for a Sustainable Future: My vision for a sustainable future requires fundamental changes in human attitudes and behavior. So that citizens are concerned enough about the environment that they are inspired to make a difference. With a true commitment to ensuring that clean water and air have not become a scarcity. I believe a cleaner future is attainable if humankind learns to not overuse our resources for our own benefit.

Favorite Green Tip: Walk, bike, run and take public transportation. Not only does it promote a healthy lifestyle and save money, it reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air pollution and traffic congestion. 

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