George Khoury

Section H, MBA 2017
Business (HBS)

I have lived in three different countries: Jordan, Italy, and finally Canada where I obtained a degree in Mechanical Engineering at McGill University and joined Bombardier Aerospace as an engineer/strategist.

While my experience at the United World College of the Adriatic in Italy introduced me to social work and sustainability, it was from Bombardier's team of environment specialists that I learned to appreciate the pressure that seemingly harmless activities place on the planet and its ecosystems. As an extracurricular activity, I helped the company's Design for Environment team develop simplified material describing the impact of aviation on the environment and vice versa. 

My Vision for a Sustainable Future:

A future where the sustainable choice is also the easiest choice. 

The best way to get the rest of the world on board with saving the planet is to make the benefits of sustainability easy to see and understand. For example, self-driving cars will not only dramatically reduce the environmental impact of auto transport, but can also reduce the cost of vehicle ownership and increase productivity during daily commutes!

Favorite green tip:

To cut down on environmental impact, eat less beef! 

Beef production is by far the worst eco offender when compared with other types of meat and dairy production, contributing nearly 5 times the amount of greenhouse gases as the average of other meats and animal products!