Brandon Geller

Assistant Director, Special Projects

Brandon joined the Office for Sustainability in July 2008, just after graduating from Harvard College with an A.B. in Biochemistry. In the years since, he has managed our undergraduate focused programs, our outreach to administrators and staff, our engagement with researchers and energy efficiency in the laboratories, and managed sustainability and energy for Harvard Faculty of Arts and Science (FAS). As the Assistant Director of FAS Sustainability & Energy Management, Brandon managed the trajectory for FAS's holistic sustainability goals, with a particular focus on integrating sustainability and energy efficiency into the management and maintenance of FAS's buildings. Outside of OFS, Brandon held an additional role at Harvard for many years, serving as residential Proctor, where he and his wife lived in one of the Harvard Yard dorms and served as dorm parents, providing academic and general life advice for about 30 first year students.

The multitude of experiences Brandon has had at Harvard has made him realize his love of  Universities, and inspired him to study Higher Education part time, earning an Ed.M. from the Harvard Graduate School of Education in 2015. When he’s not busy reading about energy efficiency technologies or advising students, you’ll find him reviewing grants as a trustee of the Awesome Foundation, serving on the Happy Committee of the Harvard Alumni Association or trying out new board games with friends.

As of July 2021, Brandon began a new role with the Office for Sustainability working on special projects part-time, while pursing new professional adventures.