Ben Rizzo

Section A, MBA 2017
Business (HBS)

I came to HBS after three years working as an oil and gas production engineer focused on American onshore plays for two companies, one an international super-major and the other an independent American firm. I've started ventures in home water irrigation waste reduction and youth football concussion reduction. My academic background is in chemical engineering and technology commercialization, with research in creative problem solving. 

My vision for a sustainable future:

There is a strong correlation between energy consumption and quality of life. As the world population continues to grow and that population pushes to increase quality of life, the demand for affordable energy will boom. How sustainably that demand is met, both in terms of mix of renewable and non-renewable sources and practices in operating and development of all of those sources, will dramatically shape the world we live in. 

Favorite Green Tip:

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Easy to remember, important to enact in everyday life.