Reduce energy and electricity use

Turn off lights (use LEDs), power down, and unplug electronics when not in use.Reduce energy in your dorm Reduce energy in Harvard University Housing


Compost and recycle

Harvard offers composting in all undergraduate freshman dorms. Compost food scraps, napkins, and compostable containers. Recycle paper, glass, plastic, and aluminum all in the same bin. 


Use a reusable mug or water bottle

Get discounts at participating locations; and use filtered water stations across campus to refill your bottle. 


Apply for project funding

Get funding for your creative ideas with help from a Student Sustainability Grant.


Learn it

Browse the Harvard Center for the Environment's Course Guide, and attend events and talks on energy, sustainability, and the environment.


Take shorter showers

The average shower uses 20 gallons of water! Try shaving a few minutes off yours to save water, and the energy used to heat it. 


Reduce food waste

Practice mindfulness when selecting food in dining halls. Wasting food wastes the energy and water used in producing and transporting it.


Walk, bike, or opt for public transit

It's good for the environment and your health! Bicycle storage and racks can be found campus. Harvard also sponsors 12 Hubway bike share stations (and offers a discount), and the Harvard Shuttle is tracked in real time and takes you around campus.


Wash clothes in cold

Washing in cold water uses 90% less energy than washing in hot and preserves the life of your clothes. 


Get involved

Apply to be a leader on the Council of Student Sustainability Leaders. Check out the Office of Career Services for internship and job opportunities in energy, sustainability, and environment fields. 


Shut Down for Weekends and Holiday Breaks

Take five minutes to complete five small actions before you leave for the weekend or break. 


Green your office

Take the lead on greening your work space and follow the easy do-it-yourself guides.


Enjoy car free commuting

Discounts, partnerships, and events give our community the tools to reduce emissions and lead a healthier lifestyle by taking advantage of a wide range of sustainable transportation options. 


Follow the Healthy Eating Plate

Designed by the Harvard School of Public Health, the Healthy Eating Plate helps you create healthy, balanced, and flavorful meals.


Participate in Healthy Harvard

As a Harvard staff member you have access to a variety of health and wellness resources that can help you stay positive and healthy year-round. Try joining Harvard on the Move which sponsors weekly walks and runs for both beginners and experienced runners and walkers.



Donate and swap unwanted office supplies, books, clothes, and other items at Freecycle events or your local Freecycle area. 



Tell us your story

Working in a sustainability-related field or industry? Send an email to and we may feature you as a Harvard "Greenpreneur."


Connect with other Alumni

The Harvard Alumni Alliance for the Environment is the Harvard Alumni Association shared interest group dedicated to sustainability and the environment. 


Connect with OFS on LinkedIn 

A networking group for Harvard students, staff, faculty, and alumni that are involved with or interested in campus sustainability initiatives.


Check out sustainability-related events on campus

Most events are free and open to the Harvard community, so if you're in the Cambridge area stop by.


Find out what your alma mater is doing

Discover green initiatives and projects by School. 


Post jobs and internships

Harvard alumni may post jobs and internships to Crimson Careers free of charge. Find talented, motivated Harvard students interested in working in energy and the environment.